University Of Maine Unveils Massive 3D Printer

A massive 3D printer can print objects 96 feet (29 meters) long—approximately the length of a blue whale.

University Of Maine Unveils Massive 3D Printer

The University of Maine has showcased a massive 3D printer large enough to build a house.

The institution claims to have broken its own record for the largest polymer 3D printer in the world with a new printer that is four times larger than the old one.

A blue whale's length, or 96 feet (29 meters), may be printed by the Factory of the Future 1.0 (FoF 1.0).

Notwithstanding technological advancements, scientists predict that the majority of us will still reside in brick and concrete homes.

According to Dr. Eujin Pei, a specialist in additive manufacturing at Brunel University, large 3D printers like the one that was presented in Maine are more likely to be utilized to build portions of houses than entire ones.

He believes that they may be applied to historical restoration, "not to print a house, but sometimes to print decorative parts, or sometimes to restore some parts." 

After natural catastrophes, they may be used to make pieces of damaged structures, he told the BBC. 

According to the University of Maine, the printer might be used to create wind turbines, bridges, and inexpensive homes. 

It has a 500-pound (227-kilogram) maximum printing capacity per hour. 

The institution intends to prioritize recycled polymers and use more sustainable materials in 3D printers, even though plastic is frequently used in printing.

This article was originally published on the BBC.