How Will the IMF Deal Impact Pakistani Citizens?

IMF's $3B Deal Advances With $1.1B Approval; Finance Minister Aurangzeb Aims for 3-Year Pact

How Will the IMF Deal Impact Pakistani Citizens?

In this episode of New Wave Global, host Rammal Hashmi is joined by Nauraiz Rana, an economist at the World Bank, to discuss the recent IMF agreement with Pakistan. They focus on Pakistan's economic challenges, including the necessity of a long-term IMF package due to the country's substantial debt, projected to reach $400 billion by 2028, including the implications of the recent $1.1 billion extension. 

Key topics include the IMF's role in stabilizing Pakistan's economy, the severe debt crisis, and most importantly, the impact of IMF conditions on the energy sector and ordinary Pakistanis.

Among other things, Nauraiz highlights the importance of generating greater revenue through improved tax collection and comprehensive economic reforms, such as reducing the influence of state-owned enterprises and developing a robust energy policy.

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