Conversation with Joyland Star, Alina Khan: Transgender Rights and Social Inclusion

Conversation with Joyland Star, Alina Khan: Transgender Rights and Social Inclusion

Meet Alina Khan, who is a Lahore-based transwoman, but her motivation and commitment are so strong that she bravely shattered the glass ceiling and proved her capabilities in the field of arts and drama. 

 Alina appeared in the Pakistani blockbuster movie Joyland, which not only received recognition all around the world but also bagged an award at the Cannes Film Festival.

At such a young age of 25, Alina emerged as a role model for transcommunity, and no doubt her unrelenting struggle was the major source that enabled her to reach this destination.

While recalling her childhood days, Alina shared that her siblings were so rude with her because of her appearance, as she used to dress up like a girl and her body language was more like that of a girl. She regretted that her brothers often thrashed her for being girlish.

She said that she tried to run away from her home multiple times but ended up going back home after facing bullying and harassment on the streets.

Finally, she met a trans friend named Lucky Khan, who introduced her to the trans community, where she learned about gurus (guardians).

She highlighted the plight of the trans community by mentioning their killings and the lack of support from their families.

Appearing on the map of cinematography was not a piece of cake for her. She started her career as a dancer, and she used to perform at functions. Soon she got a chance to appear in a short movie, Darling," and the movie also received an international award.

While talking about the Transgender Bill 2018, she said that although it was a good initiative by the government, it failed to produce any major positive outcomes because some of the clauses had been revoked due to pressure from religious groups.