Thousands Protest with Greta Thunberg against Israel inclusion in Eurovision

Amidst Israel's genocidal acts in Gaza, Eurovision advancement triggers outcry; social media erupts, Golan met with mixed reactions.

Thousands Protest with Greta Thunberg against Israel inclusion in Eurovision

Eden Golan's leap into the Eurovision Song Contest final comes amidst Israel's genocidal actions in Gaza. Her qualification intensifies the frustration of those condemning Israel's involvement in the competition. Despite opposition, Golan snagged her spot in the final through the public vote with her rendition of "Hurricane" during the semi-final in Malmö, Sweden.

Before Golan's advancement, thousands of pro-Palestinian demonstrators flooded the streets of Malmö to voice their objections to Israel's involvement, citing grave concerns over the ongoing Gaza conflict. Public sentiment was notably disheartened as people expressed their dismay at Israel's participation, via X.

Throughout the semi-final, Golan faced a mixed reception from the audience, with both cheers and boos punctuating her performance, underscoring the contentious nature of her presence. Despite facing criticism, Golan expressed gratitude for the support she received and reaffirmed her pride in representing Israel on the Eurovision stage.

Golan's song, originally named "October Rain," was altered after contest organizers found it too political, referencing Hamas's attack on Israel on October 7. Before her performance, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu remarked that Golan had already won by enduring what he described as a "horrible wave of anti-Semitism" in the protests against her, deflecting attention from Israel's ongoing brutality in Gaza.