Exit Polls Point To Landslide Labor Victory In UK Election

As results for the United Kingdom’s 650 constituencies start to trickle in, exit polls have proclaimed a landslide victory for the Labor party with 410 seats, and the Tories’ worst ever result with only 131 seats.

Exit Polls Point To Landslide Labor Victory In UK Election

With vote counting underway, the election winners for the 650 seats in the United Kingdom’s House of Commons will be declared in the coming hours.

Per the exit polls, the Labor party is on course for a landslide victory by the early hours of Friday morning, as voter shun the Conservative party after 14 years of chaotic governance.

Labor looks to be on course to take 410 seats out of the 650 in the House of Commons. Conservatives are estimated to walk away with a tally of 131. This would be the Tories’ worst election result ever.

The Conservative party has undoubtedly lost ground to Nigel Farage’s Reform UK, which is expected to take 13 seats. The Liberal Democrats are projected to win 61 seats. The SNP is projected to win only 10 seats, a significantly lower number than the 48 it held after the 2019 elections.

It is near certain that Labor’s center-left Keir Starmer will be the next UK Prime Minister. He will inherit a near dysfunctional government presiding over widespread economic gloom, a cost-of-living crisis and weakening faith in the institutions of British democracy.

Jeremy Corbyn, the former Labor leader contesting the election for MP for Islington North, is on track to defeat Labor in the constituency.

If the projections bear out, Sunak will address the country from Downing Street before making the trek to Buckingham Palace to turn in his resignation as Prime Minister to the King.

The timing of the election was a surprise to many. Experts were quick to suggest that Sunak was taking a gamble, which seems to have backfired.