YouTube Unveils New AI-Powered Tools For Video Creators

‘AI will enable people to push the boundaries of creative expression by making the difficult things simple’

YouTube Unveils New AI-Powered Tools For Video Creators

As businesses scramble to integrate the hottest generative AI technology straight into their core offerings, YouTube on Thursday introduced a series of new tools driven by artificial intelligence to assist creators in producing videos and reaching a broader audience on the site. During the annual Made on YouTube product event on Thursday, YouTube CEO Neal Mohan said, "We want to make it easier for everyone to feel like they can create, and we believe generative AI will make that possible."

By making complex things easy, AI will allow individuals to push the limits of creative expression, continued Mohan. He said that YouTube is attempting to make "these powerful tools" widely available.

The Alphabet-Google-owned video platform showcased a brand-new generative AI function called Dream Screen for its short-form video division and TikTok rival, YouTube Shorts. Creators may add AI-generated video or picture backdrops to their vertical films using an experimental technology called Dream Screen.

Creators may utilize Dream Screen by entering their backdrop concept as a prompt, and the platform will take care of the rest. According to demonstrations of the tool provided on Thursday, a user may, for instance, build a background that makes it appear as though they are in outer space or on a beach where the sand is composed of jelly beans.

The business added that Dream Screen is now being launched to a small group of artists and will be made available to more people in 2024.