YouTube Tests AI Tool That Clones Eminent Singers’ Voices

‘Users will be able to create songs featuring their vocals with a simple text prompt.’

YouTube Tests AI Tool That Clones Eminent Singers’ Voices

An AI program that lets people mimic music singers like Demi Lovato and John Legend has been made public on YouTube.

Dream Track is an experimental tool that lets users compose little songs by defining elements like atmosphere and lyrical content.

Nine artists—Charli XCX, Troye Sivan, T-Pain, and Sia—have consented to have their voices "cloned" by the program.

Approximately one hundred American producers now have access to the tool, which is limited to using it to create soundtracks for films on YouTube Shorts, the site that competes with TikTok.

The business unveiled two example videos made with Dream Track, which had mediocre but obviously subpar T-Pain and Charlie Puth impersonations.

A lively acoustic ballad about how opposites attract—this was the prompt that produced the Puth song.

With lots of digital artifacts, the outcome seems like a low-quality MP3. Puth occasionally has a "smudged" or fuzzy consonant sound in her voice.

Although the lyrics are cheesy, they suit the mood of the song, which is distinctly in the vein of his R&B-infused pop hits: "Baby, we've got nothing in common, but I know I'm what you've been wanting."

The tool's purpose, according to YouTube's director of music, is to "test, learn, gain feedback, and hear ideas" from artists and fans.”

According to Lyor Cohen, external, who previously assisted in launching the careers of musicians like Run-DMC and the Beastie Boys, "at this initial phase, the experiment is designed to help explore how the technology could be used to create deeper connections between artists and creators, and ultimately, their fans."