Apple Raises Price Of Several Subscription Services, Including Apple TV Plus

‘There are no price changes to Apple Music, Apple Fitness+, or iCloud+’

Apple Raises Price Of Several Subscription Services, Including Apple TV Plus

Apple is raising the cost of its TV+ streaming service once more.

The monthly cost of an Apple TV+ subscription has increased to $9.99 from $6.99, representing a $36 increase for the whole year. Apple increased the cost of an Apple TV+ membership from $4.99 to $6.99 in October 2022, one year ago. The business declared that the service would remain ad-free.

According to Apple, the move will take effect immediately for new users and 30 days later on the next renewal date for current members.

Some of the most well-known programs on Apple's streaming service include "Shrinking," "The Morning Show," and "Ted Lasso."

However, this is not the only Apple service that has seen a price rise. Apple Arcade, its gaming platform, saw a monthly price increase from $4.99 to $6.99, while the cost of an Apple News subscription went from $3 to $12.99. Concurrently, an Apple One membership, which combines all of the company's subscription services into a single package, has increased in price by $19.95 for people and $3 for families, to $25.95 per month and $16.95 for individuals, respectively.

According to the firm, there are no changes to the prices of iCloud+, Apple Music, or Apple Fitness+. Apple stated in a statement to CNN that the update reflects its ongoing commitment to bringing new features and high-quality content to the platform.

Only a week ago, Netflix increased the cost of their one-stream basic plan to $11.99.

Apple’s subscription revenue was $21 billion in the second quarter, growing 8% from a year earlier. The company doesn’t publish subscriber numbers for its products, such as Apple TV.