UK PM Says AI Has Threats And Risks 

‘AI could be used by terrorist groups "to spread fear and disruption on an even greater scale’

UK PM Says AI Has Threats And Risks 

The United Kingdom's (UK) Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has issued a warning that the development of chemical and biological weapons may be facilitated by artificial intelligence.

According to Sunak, the worst-case situation would be for civilization to lose all control over AI and be unable to turn it off. He said we must "bury our heads in the sand" when it comes to the risks associated with AI, even though the possibility of harm is debatable.

The Prime Minister said in a speech that AI is already generating employment and positioning the UK as a global leader.

Although he acknowledged that technological advancement will have an effect on the employment market, he continued, saying that it will spur economic growth and productivity.

Following releasing a government assessment, the prime minister discussed the possible hazards and capabilities of artificial intelligence (AI) in her speech on Thursday morning. These threats included fraud, cyberattacks, and child sexual abuse.

The possibility that terrorist organizations will use AI "to spread fear and disruption on an even greater scale" was one of the threats mentioned in the research, according to Sunak.

He stated that reducing the danger of AI causing the extinction of humans should be a "global priority".

However, he stated, "This is not a risk that people need to be losing sleep over right now, and I don't want to be an alarmist."

He declared that, on the whole, he was "optimistic" about AI's capacity to improve people's lives.

Mitigating the risk of human extinction from AI should be a "global priority", he said.