2024 US Elections: Biden vs. Trump's Foreign Policy, Pakistan's Protests, IMF, and Afghan Withdrawal

2024 US Elections: Biden vs. Trump's Foreign Policy, Pakistan's Protests, IMF, and Afghan Withdrawal

In this interview, host Misbah Azam sits down with Sajid Tarar, founder of American Muslims for Trump and a Republican Party member.

With the ongoing 2024 presidential elections, an unexpected rematch unfolds between incumbent President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump. Sajid Tarar emphasizes clear disparities in foreign policy between the two administrations. He contrasts Trump's comparatively conflict-free tenure with Biden's handling of international issues, including conflicts in the Red Sea and more importantly, the conflict in Gaza. Moreover, Tarar criticizes Biden's approach to immigration and the perceived rise in crime rates under his administration. These viewpoints add depth to the heated debates surrounding the current election cycle.

He also discusses Trump's priorities, including a focus on strengthening the military, advocating for peace through strength, and promoting innovation and entrepreneurship. He contrasts these with what he perceives as Democratic priorities, such as social welfare programs.

The conversation briefly touches upon Trump's intentions regarding troop withdrawal from Afghanistan, highlighting differences in approach compared to Biden's strategy. Regarding recent protests in Pakistan, particularly in front of the IMF building, Mr. Tarar criticizes the tactics used and questions their effectiveness in addressing internal issues.

There's also a discussion about the fairness of elections in Pakistan, with Mr. Tarar expressing reservations and implying potential interference. He emphasizes the importance of domestic resolution for internal matters, cautioning against foreign interference. Additionally, Tarar encourages political education among Pakistanis and advises against damaging the country's reputation through public displays of internal strife.

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