EU Likely To Suspend TikTok Reward Scheme

'The feature is "toxic and addictive," particularly when used by children.'

EU Likely To Suspend TikTok Reward Scheme

The TikTok Lite rewards program, which compensates users for using the app, may be suspended by the European Commission as early as this Thursday. 

The function is "toxic and addictive," especially when used by minors, according to Commissioner Thierry Breton. 

If TikTok doesn't defend the rewards scheme by Wednesday, it may be halted as early as Thursday, April 25. 

The BBC was informed by TikTok that it was unhappy with the ruling. 

In a statement on X, the previous Twitter platform, European Commissioner Thierry Breton stated, "We stand ready to trigger interim measures, including the suspension of the TikTok Lite reward program." 

Furthermore, the social networking firm is being investigated by the Commission to see whether it violated EU legislation.

Before making significant modifications to their products, major platforms such as TikTok are required by EU regulation, which went into effect last year, to create a risk assessment. 

TikTok was requested by the Commission last week to complete its risk assessment for the Task & Rewards program, but the social media giant allegedly did not have enough time. 

As stated, there is a danger of "serious damage to the mental health of users" with this technology. 

The "Task and Rewards" concept from TikTok was introduced last week in France and Spain. 

This new function is available on TikTok Lite, a condensed version of the popular social media app that takes up less storage and bandwidth on users' phones.

As long as they view videos and interact with the app, users may earn the equivalent of a few pennies per day. 

In particular, because of the new feature that encourages addictive behavior, the Commission is looking at whether this might have a detrimental impact on the mental health of users, particularly youngsters. 

According to TikTok, incentives are only available to users who are at least eighteen years old, and mechanisms are in place to confirm their age.

This article was originally published on the BBC.