Millions in Danger as Floods Threaten China's Guangdong Province

Over 127 million at risk as Guangdong faces once-in-50-year floods. Urgent planning underway, with 45,000 evacuated, 1.16 million households without power.

Millions in Danger as Floods Threaten China's Guangdong Province
Source: Anadolu Agency/Getty

Heavy rainfall in China’s Guangdong province poses a severe flood threat, putting over 127 million people at risk. 

Rivers and smaller streams in the Xijiang and Beijiang river basins are seeing water levels that are so high they typically only happen once every 50 years, says state broadcaster CCTV. This severity prompted China's water resource ministry to release an emergency warning.

Authorities in Guangdong are urging every city and town to start planning for emergencies to reduce the effects of possible natural disasters. They're also quickly distributing funds and supplies to make sure people affected by the floods have what they need, like food, clothes, and shelter.

The province has endured relentless heavy rain and powerful winds for days, impacting several cities such as Zhaoqing, Shaoguan, Qingyuan, and Jiangmen. Evacuations have been underway, with Qingyuan alone relocating over 45,000 individuals.

Widespread power outages have affected many areas, leaving more than 1.16 million households without electricity due to the intense rainfall.

Despite ongoing rescue efforts, the forecast indicates continued heavy rainfall, leaving the situation precarious.