Thriving local development through development projects

Thriving local development through development projects
Source: The Financial Express

The Bangabandhu Tunnel, the only tunnel in South Asia, was opened by Sheikh Hasina, the visionary behind Bangladesh's transformation, the development wizard and architect of a brighter future for Bengalis. It spans 3.43 km from Patenga in Chittagong to Anwara end of Chittagong. Chittagong residents were celebrating the pleasure of creation because they were ecstatic at the prospect of ushering in a new era. Chittagong was experiencing a festival of joy and a joyous mood. With its earnestness and forward-thinking planning, Chittagong is embarking on a dream period. Millions of people waited on both sides of Karnaphuli to welcome Sheikh Hasina, the adored leader of Bengalis, to experience the wonders of growth and development, and to witness the moment of a turning point. Chittagong's residents greeted Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina with affection as she devoted her life to uplifting Bengal's impoverished citizens' lot.

Her growth took the world by surprise. Bangabandhu's father, Sheikh Hasina, is a successful politician whose contributions have made Bangladesh's progress via poverty reduction feasible. Bangabandhu emancipated the oppressed, destitute, and exploited Bengali people. The country of Bengal has seen a shift in fortunes thanks to his affluent daughter Sheikh Hasina. The globe is being guided by his imaginative leadership, prudent goal-achievement planning, boldness, and drive.

Bangladesh was the world's second poorest nation on December 16, 1971, the day it gained independence. Bangladesh has succeeded in cutting poverty in half in only 51 years. According to a World Bank cover story, it was a significant success in turning people's lives around. Everyone may now get a primary education. Millions of women are now able to enter the labour. Health care for mothers and children has advanced significantly. When it comes to responding to natural catastrophes and climate change, Bangladesh is currently quite effective. There are several factors contributing to Bangladesh's prosperity. Among them, the significant expenditure on human resource development stands out.

Large investments have also been made in other areas, such as infrastructure, energy and fuel, industry, and services. Furthermore, Bangladesh is now far better equipped to handle the threat posed by climate change and other natural calamities. As a consequence, the economy of the nation is well-founded. There are now a ton of options for job creation and economic expansion. The majority of these accomplishments may be attributed to Sheikh Hasina, Bangabandhu's daughter.

In Chittagong, trade and commerce account for 60% of our entire income. Chittagong is the hub for almost 75% of the nation's export commerce. In contrast, this figure is 80% in the case of import commerce. In other words, Chittagong is essential to the nation's economic flow. Therefore, the development of Chittagong has been given top importance by Sheikh Hasina's administration in terms of the general growth of the nation.

There will undoubtedly be more prime ministers who come and go as long as our nation survives, but it is unlikely that anybody will ever be as good as Sheikh Hasina. I asked the Prime Minister about any project as the head of the Chittagong Development Authority, but he never responded. With his help, Chittagong, which has been neglected, has blossomed into one of Bangladesh's and South Asia's most exquisite and rich cities. Greater Chittagong, not just the city, is seeing rapid growth.

The Bangabandhu Tunnel, which was constructed beneath Karnaphuli at a cost of Tk 10,374 crore and comprises two tubes, was officially opened. By rail, a project of 18 thousand 34 crore 47 million rupees is being built between Dohazari, Cox's Bazar, and Ghumdhum. It is anticipated to be opened in November when the construction from Dohazari to Cox's Bazar has been finished. The longest runway in the nation, located at Sagarchoa, was finished by Cox's Bazar, and the international airport's development is almost finished. This year may see the opening of the airport, which will serve as South Asia's communication centre. At Matarbari, a deep-sea port is being constructed.

Two 'Special Economic Zones' have been established in Anwara and Mirsrai, while coal-based power plants have made headway in Gandamara and Matarbari in Banskhali. In addition, several initiatives have been, are, and will be carried out by several organisations, such as WASA, Chittagong Development Authority, and Chittagong City Corporation. The Chittagong Growth Authority has overseen the majority of the city of Chittagong's growth. Among the completed projects are the Muradpur-Lalkhan Bazar Akhtaruzzaman Chowdhury and the Bahaddarhat MA Mannan Flyover. Flyovers: Patenga-Fouzdarhat Marine Drive Outer City Ring Road, Kadmatoli Flyover on Station Road, Dewan Hat Overpass, Modernization of Patenga Beach, Bayezid-Fouzdarhat Bypass Road.

There are also a lot of massive projects underway. The whole Greater Chittagong area is changing as a result of the continuous communication and infrastructure development being carried out by the Roads and Bridges Department, SOAZ, LGERD, and other organizations. Under the direction of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, the Chittagong metro rail project is now under construction. Thanks to his commitment, Chittagong is now on the growth highway. If he is in charge of governing the state, Chittagong.

The effective economic management of the Sheikh Hasina administration resulted in an average GDP growth of 6.45 per cent between 2009 and 2018. Bangladesh's GDP grew by an unprecedented 8.15 per cent during the 2018–19 fiscal year. The global economy then came to a complete halt as the coronavirus outbreak broke out. In the 2019–20 fiscal year, Bangladesh maintained a GDP growth of 5.24 per cent despite the worldwide economic downturn. Bangladesh has prevented the collapse of economic development, even though the globe is once again experiencing a recession as a result of reciprocal sanctions resulting from the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

Bangladesh's economy now ranks 35th in the world. Bangladesh's consumer market is expected to exceed that of the UK, according to research titled "Asia's Shoppers in 2030" by "The Flying Dutchman," which was released by HSBC Global Research, one of the biggest banking and financial service providers in the world. Therefore, the people of Bangladesh now firmly think that Sheikh Hasina's administration is always necessary. Bangladesh will not veer off course as long as Sheikh Hasina is in charge of the nation.

Mehjabin Bhanu is Bangladeshi culuminst, teacher, and security and strategic affairs analyst.