Gaza Crisis: At Least 3 killed, 10 injured As Israeli Snipers Target Al-Naseer Hospital

Israel's attacks on Gaza have killed at least 28,576 Palestinians and wounded 68,291 others since October 7.

Gaza Crisis: At Least 3 killed, 10 injured As Israeli Snipers Target Al-Naseer Hospital

In a horrific development, at least three innocent Palestinians were killed by snipers inside southern Gaza's largest health center, with another ten injured, after Israeli soldiers dropped pamphlets directing hundreds to run for their lives.

The situation around the Al Nasser hospital is highly intense, as doctors providing medical care to the injured are circulating messages of dire conditions amid sniper attacks on those inside the hospital.

With the use of Arabic translators, Israeli troops are making announcements ordering patients and refugees to leave the premises.

According to the Ministry of Health in Gaaza, the Israeli forces launched 11 assaukts against families in the Gaza Strip, resulting in 103 deaths and 145 injuries during the past 24 hours.

“A number of victims are still under rubble and on the roads. The occupation prevents ambulance and civil defense crews from reaching them,” it revealed.

The death toll from the Israeli aggression has risen to 28,576 and 68,291 injuries since October 7, 2023.

UNICEF reported that Israeli troops had struck Al Nasser hospital in the southern Gaza Strip twice in the past 48 hours. "The largest remaining fully operational hospital in Gaza has been shelled twice in the last 48 hours," UNICEF spokesperson James Elder said at a UN news conference in Geneva.

Located in the beleaguered enclave's city of Khan Younis, Nasser Medical Complex "not only shoulders large numbers of children who have brutal wounds of war, but it also shelters hundreds and hundreds of women and children from across the Gaza Strip who were simply seeking safety," Elder added.

The overnight bombardment killed a little child, the Gaza Health Ministry confirmed Monday.

"The Gaza Strip remains the most dangerous place in the world to be a child, and, day after day, that brutal reality is reinforced," Elder said. He emphasized that without a cease-fire and adequate food, water, medication, and shelter, more Palestinian children will perish due to "willful neglect and deathly disregard." Elder also cited previous remarks by senior Israeli officials, stating that the army's goal will be "damage, not accuracy" and that Gaza "won't return to what it was before; we will eliminate everything."