Aurat March Held In Various Cities To Mark Int’l Women’s Day

In Islamabad, police stopped Aurat March participants from heading towards D-Chowk.

Aurat March Held In Various Cities To Mark Int’l Women’s Day

The Aurat March took place on Friday in numerous cities throughout the country, including Lahore, Karachi, and Islamabad, in commemoration of International Women's Day. 

Women in Karachi celebrate "Aurat Ehtejaji Mela" at Frere Hall.

Participants in the March stated that this time they are hosting a 'mela' to protest women's oppression in society. 

“We are holding “Aurat Ehtejaji Mela” in addition to our annual revolutionary march with an aim to make our voices audible in our homes, at the assemblies, at the courts, and in the streets,” they stated.

The'mela' included sessions on the persecution of women and transgenders based on their gender, class, ethnicity, and religious beliefs, led by those who are directly impacted. 

Working-class women set up affordable food kiosks at the arena. 

In Islamabad, police prevented Aurat March participants from marching towards D-Chowk. A large police presence was deployed to prevent them from approaching D-Chowk. 

The attendees also raised Palestine-related slogans and urged world leaders to play a role in maintaining peace in Gaza. 

A heavy contingent of police deployed to prevent the Aurat March from proceeding to D-chowk.

Meanwhile, in Lahore, members of the Aurat March held a rally that began at the Lahore Press Club and ended outside the Falettis Hotel on Egerton Road.

Women from all walks of life took part in the March with enthusiasm. "Aurat March, feminist movements, and women in politics have been misrepresented in the media," they explained.