Pakistan's first Christian SSG Commando promoted to Major General

Major General Julian Moazzam James is the first Christian Elite Special Services Group (SSG) commando officer promoted to two-star General.

Pakistan's first Christian SSG Commando promoted to Major General
Source: The Print

Pakistan Army officer Julian Moazzam James has made history as the first Special Service Group (SSG) commando and the third Christian to be promoted to the rank of Major General. This landmark promotion, decided at an Army Selection Board meeting chaired by Army Chief General Asim Munir, saw 22 Brigadiers elevated to Major General, including James.

The SSG, Pakistan Army's elite special operations force, counts James among its ranks. His promotion is a moment of immense pride for the Christian community in Pakistan, as expressed by Bishop Azad Marshall of the Church of Pakistan, who highlighted the significance of this achievement in the 76-year history of the Pakistan Army.

Last year, James led a Pakistani military delegation to India to participate in the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation’s defense ministers' meeting, chaired by Indian Minister of Defence Rajnath Singh. James, who was born in Narowal District, Punjab, and belongs to the 92 Long Course, has a distinguished military career, including roles as Defense Attaché in Nigeria, commander of the SSG Brigade in Tarbela, and Air Defense Brigade in Sargodha.

His academic achievements include completing courses in Air Defense, Intelligence, National Security, and Staff. This promotion follows in the footsteps of other Christian officers like Major Generals Noel Israel Khokhar and Julian Peter, and Air Vice Marshals Eric G. Hall and Michael John O'Brien, who have also held high ranks in Pakistan's armed forces.

Julian James’ promotion not only highlights his personal dedication and achievements but also marks a significant milestone in the representation and recognition of minorities in the Pakistan military.