GTA 6 Trailer Revealed After ‘Online Leak’

‘But the waiting isn't over, as the game isn't due to be released until 2025.’

GTA 6 Trailer Revealed After ‘Online Leak’

After the teaser for the eagerly anticipated blockbuster was leaked, the first look at the sixth Grand Theft Auto game was eventually made public.

15 hours before a widely publicized release, developer Rockstar published the game after a low-quality copy appeared online.

The game's Miami-inspired Vice City setting and the arrival of Lucia, a female protagonist for the first time since the 1990s, were both confirmed by the 90-second teaser.

However, given that the game isn't expected to be launched until 2025, the waiting is still ongoing.

The newest primary game in the series will be a follow-up to GTA V, the critically acclaimed video game from 2013, which went on to become the second-best-selling video game of all time, after Minecraft.

The last ten years have seen an almost constant stream of GTA VI leaks and speculations.

In November, the revelation that a trailer would be released—an announcement of an announcement, if you will—was enough to make headlines across the world as eager gamers searched for any details about the next game.

A man drags an alligator out of a swimming pool, and people party on boats and race cars—all set to the Americana sounds of Tom Petty's Love is a Long Road.

The game's publisher, Take-Two Interactive, has revealed that GTA VI will come out in 2025 on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S/X.

No other details have been released regarding the release date or the possibility of a PC version; however, if history in the series is any indication, one will come out on PC.

A few months after their console debut, GTA IV and V were released on PC.