Spanish Travel Vlogger Gang-raped, Husband Assaulted In India

The victim says,

Spanish Travel Vlogger Gang-raped, Husband Assaulted In India

In a horrible incident, a Spanish travel vlogger was allegedly gang-raped by seven men, and her husband was brutally assaulted with a bike helmet and stones while the couple was camping near Kurumahat’s Hansdiha market in Dumka, India, on Friday.

In a video posted on her Instagram account, the victim said, “We are in the hospital, and something occurred to us that we would never want on anyone. Seven men raped me, beat us, and looted us, but they only took a few items because they wanted to rape me.”

“We are in the hospital with the police; it occurred tonight in India,” she said in a trembling voice with tears in her eyes.

Her husband said, “My oral cavity is seriously wounded, but my spouse endured worse than me. They continually battered me with a helmet and hit me in the head with a stone. Fortunately, her protective garment provided some protection from the hits.”

The woman also said in her post, “My face looks like this, yet it isn't what bothers me the most. I was worried that we'd perish. Thank God we are alive.”

According to police, three suspects have been apprehended, and the identities of four more have been determined, with raids underway to arrest them.

The 28-year-old and her husband have been riding across the world on their motorcycles. The duo has now traveled over 1.53 lakh kilometers around the world, visiting 63 countries.

In fact, they crossed into India from Pakistan last July and even posted, "Hello India!" After over five years of journey around the world and over 150,000 kilometers, the moment has come to meet. We've heard a lot about you. We can tell that you are challenging right now, and we will have to change quite a bit. But you also have a positive side, and I am confident that you will impress us with it."

It is pertinent to mention here that sexual assault against women is frequent in India. In 2022, approximately 90 rapes were reported every day in India, which means one woman was raped every 18 minutes, according to the National Crime Records Bureau, which registered 31,516 rape incidents that year.