Algeria Calls for U.N. Response Post ICJ Ruling on Gaza

Following the court's directive for Israel to implement measures against genocide, some nations push for enforcement

Algeria Calls for U.N. Response Post ICJ Ruling on Gaza

Algeria, currently a non-permanent U.N. Security Council member, has urged a meeting to discuss enforcing an International Court of Justice (ICJ) ruling on Israel.

The meeting, set for Wednesday, aimed to examine legal steps regarding the court's emergency measures. While Algeria hasn't confirmed drafting a Security Council resolution, signs point to potential calls for a cease-fire.

In case of U.S. opposition, South Africa plans to appeal to the U.N. General Assembly. The ICJ's recent ruling mandates actions from Israel, such as preventing genocidal acts and facilitating humanitarian aid in Gaza.

Notably absent is a Gaza cease-fire mandate, a key South African request. Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu criticized the decision, promising to defend Israel.

Despite lacking direct enforcement power, the ruling pressures the U.S., which heavily influences Israeli policies. Algeria, starting its U.N. tenure, seeks to amplify Africa's voice globally. International voices, including Japan and South Korea, stress the ICJ's binding nature and urge a Gaza ceasefire to avert further crisis.

France and the U.S. stressed a two-state solution and adherence to international law for regional peace.

The session concluded with a call for swift action to address Gaza's humanitarian crisis and compliance with the ICJ's measures while halting hostilities.