Deadly Landslides Strike Southern China Amidst Harsh Winter Conditions

Tragedy unfolds in Yunnan province with multiple landslides claiming lives and burying dozens

Deadly Landslides Strike Southern China Amidst Harsh Winter Conditions
Source: Getty Images

In the latest update on the tragic landslides in southwestern China's Yunnan province, rescuers have confirmed the recovery of eight bodies while intensifying efforts to locate 39 individuals still buried under the debris.

The landslide, which occurred in the mountain village of Liangshui in Yunnan province early Monday, buried 18 homes, leading to the evacuation of over 500 people.

Drone footage captured the devastating aftermath, depicting a wide expanse of dark mud covering mountain terraces and village roofs covered in snow. More than 300 rescue workers, supported by dozens of fire engines and earth-moving equipment, are tirelessly engaged in search and rescue operations. Firefighters in orange jumpsuits were seen climbing through the rubble of destroyed homes against the backdrop of snow-covered steep mountain ridges.

This tragedy follows another landslide in Yunnan province reported earlier, where at least 11 people lost their lives, and over 30 remain buried. The incident took place in the northernmost part of the province, affecting the sparsely populated villages of Hexing and Heping. Rescue efforts were hampered by freezing temperatures and continuous snowfall.

Chinese President Xi Jinping has called for swift rescue operations and heightened alertness across the nation to prevent further accidents as the Chinese New Year celebrations approach. The remote mountains of Yunnan are known for their susceptibility to landslides, exacerbated by steep slopes and unstable soil. Harsh winter conditions, including heavy snowfall and freezing temperatures, have added challenges to ongoing rescue efforts in the region.