Israel Resumes Bombing Gaza as Truce Expires

Israel Resumes Bombing Gaza as Truce Expires

Smoke billows from buildings in Gaza as Israel restarts airstrikes following the expiration of the truce. According to health officials, dozens of Palestinians have been killed in the renewed attacks.

Hundreds of Palestinians have lost their lives since Israel resumed bombing Gaza after the truce ended, as reported by health officials. The Israeli army has dropped leaflets in southern Gaza, urging evacuation and indicating an expanding offensive. 

Amid an "extremely catastrophic" humanitarian crisis, the Gaza Health Ministry appeals to allow the opening of the Rafah crossing. The health sector is strained, with only three hospitals functioning and facing a shortage of beds. Reports also confirm that the UNRWA school targeted in the bombings is located in the Jabaliya Refugee Camp.

Hashem Ahelbarra highlights the critical nature of the night for truce negotiators. The need for a positive outcome is emphasized now more than ever to prevent further escalation, and the pressure on Israel for a permanent ceasefire is dire.

The situation is pivotal, and negotiators face a challenging task tonight. The hope is to avoid a second day of fighting, as continued escalation could make it extremely difficult to restore peace. The Qataris aim to leverage momentum to convince key stakeholders, particularly the Americans, to exert more pressure on Israel for the ceasefire to hold.